Services - Automation Testing Provided by Testing Realms

Services - Automation Testing:

Automation testing involves the use of commercially or internally developed software or services to assist in the testing process. They provide results that are consistent. There are benefits to using an automation tool. They include repeatability, ease of maintenance, the ability to efficiently use resources in off-peak hours and the capability to create reports based on the executed tests.

The key is knowing what to automate

We can help with initial planning, tool selection, and configuration, as well as selecting the appropriate application areas to automate. Our Automation Testing services provide:

  • Improved testing coverage of applications before release
  • Measurement of defect release rates at the beginning, and during, the testing process
  • Assessment of current automation procedures to identify issues that could affect the outcome of automated testing
  • Implement automation process and procedures to maximum ROI
  • Create/Maintain automated scripts
  • Test execution
  • Report on results
We also provide solutions for Process Improvement, Quality Assurance Training & Mentoring.
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